Sprinting Down the Athletic Route: Part 2 In-Depth Timelines


Freshman and Sophomore Year (Grades 9 and 10)

Until September 1st of junior year/ Grade 11, coaches can:

Until September 1st of junior year/ Grade 11, coaches cannot:

Junior Year (Grade 11)

Coaches can:

Coaches cannot:

Senior Year (Grade 12)

Coaches can:

Coaches cannot:

Other Important Notes

1. To be a college athlete, you must be an amateur athlete and not a profession. Any of the following can jeopardize your eligibility status:

2. There are nuances for each sport regarding timelines, contact with coaches, number of scholarships available, etc. Do not assume that this article pertains to your sport exactly.

3. Rules change every year and sometimes more often than that, so make sure that you are completely updated on your requirements and that your research is current.

4. Whether you leave at the end of Form 5, Lower 6, or Upper 6, changes when you are considered a “sophomore, junior or senior”, and therefore changes when coaches can contact you, etc. The earlier you make a decision, the more prepared you will be.


Whew. I know that this is a lot of information. Remember that the earlier you get started, the better. Remember that my first consult is always free, so schedule a consult to discuss your options.

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