I first started teaching SATs in 2008 while I was still a college student. I had always been grateful for my school, teachers, and family for pushing me to excel. But I did not realize, until I got into Princeton, how lucky I was to have parents that were already familiar with the U.S. college application process. That “simple” knowledge – of what a strong college application requires and what deadlines are important and how being international affects your application – gave me a huge boost when choosing, applying to, and getting accepted into top colleges.I graduated with a B.S.E from Princeton University in 2010 and went on to receive my M.B.A from Wharton in 2017. Becoming a SAT teacher and admissions consultant was born from my desire to make that information more accessible.
I then founded IvyEdge Global, with the mission of helping students do three things: 1) get accepted into schools where they will thrive, 2) understand key application requirements, 3) receive maximum scholarships and financial aid. Through a combination of admissions counseling and SAT preparation, I have mentored and tutored over 500 students who have gone on to excel in top universities, including Princeton, Harvard, Vanderbilt, Amherst, Johns Hopkins, the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Dartmouth and Columbia. Many students let their financial situation limit their ability to envision themselves attending top universities. Here at IvyEdge Global, I am committed to ensuring that each student, regardless of background, is afforded the opportunity to achieve their tertiary education goals. Book a free consultation today to Get the Ivy Edge.






WOW! That’s all I can say about Paige’s lessons. If you are looking for a comprehensive, in depth and all-rounded SAT course, Paige is the person to go to! Not only did she cover every possible type of question that could come on the test but she also gave us helpful hints and tips that definitely gave us the edge. I would strongly recommend these classes – definitely great value for money. With her help, I was able to achieve a score of 2130: 660 W, 700 CR and 770 M!

IvyEdge SAT Tutoring

Princeton University

I can say without a doubt that signing up with Ivy Edge Global was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It was only through my first meeting with Paige that I finally understood the depth of thought and planning that goes into a good college application. Her continuous guidance and encouragement gave me the push that I needed to put forward some of my best essays and adequately portray my achievements. I equally appreciate the time she spent helping me and my family understand that affording my dream college was possible. In the end, I was able to gain full ride acceptance to Columbia University. Working with Paige was absolutely worth it and I would recommend her to anyone.

IvyEdge Comprehensive Admissions Consulting

Catherine (Class of 2025)
Columbia University

Paige surpassed all my expectations and was an invaluable asset in this entire journey. Her exceptional SAT tutoring and proficiency in the college application process made this daunting task easy. She was always eager to assist, even if it meant giving up her Friday evenings to discuss ideas for an essay or staying up until 3am researching schools for her students. She helped me craft concrete applications by cutting “fluff” and “fleshing out” my essays to showcase my “quirks” and achievements. With her unwavering support, I was able to secure a spot at Harvard University (my dream school) with a full ride scholarship!! Words cannot express my sincere gratitude to her for her strong encouragement and belief in me. Paige was definitely worth it, and I recommend her wholeheartedly! Kudos to Paige and I definitely could not have done it without her.

IvyEdge SAT Tutoring

Cam (Class of 2025)
Harvard University

After learning that the government had reduced scholarships by 75%, I turned to IvyEdge global for support in my college applications. My free consult with Paige convinced me that IvyEdge was the best option to help me secure financial aid for foreign universities. So, without hesitation, I secured her services - a decision that I will never regret. Her years of experience and wealth of knowledge made my college application experience a breeze. I was given invaluable assistance with my application essays, financial aid forms, and even interviews.My questions or concerns were always short-lived because of Paige's
instant WhatsApp replies (at any hour, literally). This trend of a keen enthusiasm for my success continued, and together we were able to accomplish the impressive feat of not only completing but also perfecting over forty application essays in under one month. While indeed remarkable, I can assure you that this is only a small exhibition of the quality of service that IvyEdge offers. It would be lax to not mention that IvyEdge's team stuck with
me until I received all of my college decisions. Even greater was the fact that they offered to help me make a decision when I was faced with the difficult challenge of choosing a university to attend, after being admitted to some of the best in the world. To anyone considering investing in higher education, I'd strongly encourage you to first invest in IvyEdge. While the service may seem expensive, I am glad that I recruited their help because they gave me the best possible chance to secure funded spots in my top university choices.

Comprehensive Admissions Consulting

Bryan (Class of 2025)
Accepted: Harvard, Princeton, MIT (with scholarships)

IvyEdge is unbeatable when it comes to admissions consulting. Over the many months working with Paige, I was constantly amazed at how much I was able to accomplish under her guidance. From the initial meeting, Paige helped me set a comprehensive foundation to give
me the best shot of achieving ambitious application goals. I received timely feedback on essays and materials, with every suggestion adding substantial value to my overall application. Overall, Paige’s guidance on all aspects of the admissions process is truly one
of a kind, and since she is always innovating and improving her offering, I’m sure that you will have an even better experience than I did!

IvyEdge Comprehensive Admissions Consulting

Noah (Class of 2023)
Harvard University

Taking part in Paige's week long camp, I received invaluable advice that helped make my application as strong as could be. We especially worked on my college essays, ironing out kinks, removing redundancies, and ensuring it embodied genuinely who I am. I believe that Paige's assistance gave me a vital edge over an extremely competitive applicant pool and her counseling ensured that I did now commit grave yet common errors in my applications. Lastly, her unwavering willingness to help students, even for the most trivial of things, was second to none. I would recommend her services to all students no matter their top choice schools. Paige is God sent!

IvyEdge Consulting Camp

Reuel (Class of 2024)
Princeton University | Accepted: Columbia & Yale

I just came back home after completing an internship at Goldman Sachs this summer in NYC. I received an offer of employment on the foreign exchange options trading desk for after graduation next year! I wanted to let you know as this would not have been possible without the great start I had getting into Dartmouth which was due in large part to your guidance and expertise.

Aidan (Class of 2024)

My family has had an outstanding experience working with Paige on my son's college applications. Having seen a different consultant for my older son who carefully vetted his academics and extra curricular activities before even agreeing to work with him, I particularly appreciated Paige's openness in working with my younger son whose academics were average. The focus was on his strengths and abilities and how best to showcase them in his applications. Her suggestions for colleges were made with serious consideration being given to his personality and desires as well as what we could afford as his parents. I remember her excitement at finding a great school that met all our needs and the excellent advice she gave us on how to approach the application. She went above and beyond in reaching out to the admissions office on multiple occasions to gather the additional information he needed to strengthen his application. I am happy to say that my son was successful and I know it would not have been possible without Paige. We remain deeply appreciative of her determination to get all her students, not just the elite ones, into the best possible schools.

IvyEdge Comprehensive Admissions Consulting

Alana (Parent)
Denison University