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Anyway, here goes…

Hey everyone,

I feel like I blinked, three months passed, and early applications are due. Anyone else?

So, what’s new in the world of college admissions consulting? Everything is online. Also, everything is online.

In one sense, the new norm is kind of awesome – online webinars even the playing field for students who can’t demonstrate interest through in-person college visits; e-brochures put tons more information in front of students; and test-optional policies give students so much more breathing room to shoot for their moons.

In the other sense, the new norm, as expected, sucks. Every week, I sign up for fifteen new webinars, and every day, I miss parts of those webinars as I try to juggle my desire to know more about the admissions landscape with my need to help students RIGHT NOW.

As emails from universities come in, I frantically try to read, sort, and forward to the students who I think would benefit. And every week, I think – ok, I’ve got to just post the information somewhere and let parents and students take it from there. Then I blink, and my defective time machine flings me unwillingly forward a few more weeks.

Unfortunately, Twitter, which would definitely be my best bet here, is my least followed account, and I just don’t have the willpower (or youth) to build a following right now. Help me out – go follow! Go tweet me, or twit or twat, or whatever the correct social media verb is that equals both our lives becoming a tiny bit easier.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get to the webinars. Note that this is just the tip of the iceberg on what’s available. Reach out to universities to ask about brochures, info-sessions and webinars. Reach out to me with questions. I wanted to post more webinars in this article, but I didn’t realize how many are “counselor only” – I try to incorporate the information I learn there into my own webinars.

I’m rambling now and shouldn’t be – I don’t actually have the time. Essay editing is calling my name again and I must answer. (Oh, the irony and luxury of rambling when one of my core job functions is to help students be more concise.) I thought about waiting a few more days so that I could polish this before publishing, but I’m afraid my time machine will spring into action again and you’ll miss the next three weeks of webinars. So from my sleep-addled brain to your eyes, here goes…

Upcoming InfoSessions/ Webinars:

Different But the Same: Virtual Workshop on U.S. Public and Private Institutions – Caribbean, October 1 2020, 5 PM CT/ 6 PM EST (Franklin and Marshall, Michigan State, Rice, U. of Illinois – Urbana Champaign)
IvyEdge Global: College Admissions Overview, October 2nd, 6:30 PM EST
IvyEdge Global: Financial Aid, October 3rd, 6:30 PM EST
IvyEdge Global: Athletic Recruiting, October 4th, 6:30 PM EST

Columbia, Penn and Princeton Open Information Session: Caribbean, October 5th 6:00 PM EST
VirtU-8 Virtual Visits, October 5th – 9th (Chapman, Johnson & Wales, Lynn, Northwestern, UTampa, Rollins, Sewanee, Santa Clara University) – inquire if you want to know more
NYU Abu Dhabi: Common App Webinar Oct 5th
NYU Abu Dhabi: Essay Writing Workshop Oct 7th
Johns Hopkins, University of Chicago, Barnard, Columbia: Writing Meaningful Supplemental Essays, October 7th, 7:00 PM EST
Trinity, SMU, George Washington: Applying to Universities in the Age of COVID, October 7th, 7:00 PM CT, 8:00 PM EST
Jesuit Excellence Tour – 27 Jesuit Colleges and Unis, Oct 11 (Code: JetTour2020)
Urban Jesuit Information: Creating a Winning Application, Oct 14th (Fordham, Loyola U Chicago, Loyola Marymount)
Carleton College, Case Western, Haverford, Macalester: Open Session, October 20th
Destination California: International Application Review or How Do I Get In? Oct 20, Oct 27
Urban Jesuit Information: Student Panel, Oct 28th (Fordham, Loyola U Chicago, Loyola Marymount)
Jesuit Excellence Tour – 27 Jesuit Colleges and Unis: Nov 5 (Code: JetTour2020)
CollegeVine Webinars: various dates (cautionary note – I don’t agree with everything presented in these)

Samples of Recent Webinars:

(Students of mine – if you see something that interests you below and you want me to find the recording, I’ll dig through my emails to see if I can find.)

AAU Universities Latin American & Caribbean Tour: Up in the Air – Learn what happens to your application after submission, September 30th (CU Boulder, UFlorida, UMissouri, UOregon, UWisconsin-Madison)
US Liberal Arts Colleges European Tour, September 25th (Bard, Amherst, Barnard, Bowdoin, Claremont McKenna, Davidson, Haverford, Kenyon, Middlebury, Oberlin, Smith, Swarthmore, Wesleyan)
CollEDGE Fair, September 18th
AAU Universities Latin America & Caribbean Tour: Tips for completing the Common App and essay writing, September 16th

Keep checking back because I’m going to keep updating as the weeks go by! I will also post to my Twitter account, but not to my Instagram or Facebook, since the last two are just for my personal offerings.

Comments and questions are welcome below.

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