SAT Prep for the August 29th Exam

How to register for classes:

  1. Determine which class is best for you:
    Option 1: Take the full four hour Official Practice Test 10. For accuracy, it is important to do this test within the time limit.
    Option 2: Use a previous test score (real or practice).
    Option 3: Take my ten question SAT Math Placement Exam and Reading and Writing Placement Exam .
    Option 4: Just pick the class you think is right for you.
  2. Add classes to your shopping cart by clicking on the price.
  3. Proceed to checkout to complete registration. This does not require upfront payment.
  4. You will be contacted via email/ phone to confirm.
  5. Register separately for the SAT exam.

Classes will be virtual with a maximum of ten students per class although I will try to keep this number below five where possible. Please email for more details or contact Paige at 686-4262.

Students will be taught all SAT concepts and strategies and provided with classwork and homework material.

In-person classes will resume depending on COVID-19 progress.

Core Classes:


Class 1 schedule: May 25th – June 26th (5 weeks), July 20th – August 28th (6 weeks).

Class 2 schedule for latecomers: June 22nd – August 28th (10 weeks).
(An 11th week will be agreed upon during the course)

TimeWho Should Attend?Monday MathTuesday English
10:15 – 12:00 PMStudents scoring below 600 (Basic 1)$400 USD/ $2900 TTD$400 USD/ $2900 TTD
1:00 – 2:30 PMStudents scoring between 600 and 700 (Intermediate)Out of stockOut of stock
2:45 – 4:00 PMStudents scoring above 670 (Advanced)Out of stockOut of stock

Supplemental Classes:

Supplemental classes will take place May 25th – June 26th (5 weeks) and July 20th – August 28th (6 weeks) for a total of 11 weeks. Students may sign up for a single class as needed, or sign up for 12 weeks for any or all of the following courses. You do not have to be in a core class to take a supplemental class.

There are three types of supplemental classes:

  • IvyEdge Question Review: Breakdown of questions in IvyEdge Global’s personal data bank of practice tests. Class material is only available to students in this class. This is a good free addition to core classes.
  • Office Hours: Anyone (including non-students) can login to my free Zoom sessions to get personalized help with practice questions.
  • Reading Comprehension: This class is designed to strengthen weak readers. It should improve SAT English score, along with general knowledge and writing skills.
TimeWho Should Attend?Wednesday IvyEdge Question Review Thursday Office HoursFriday Reading Comprehension
11:00 AM – 12:00 PMStudents scoring below 1270Per class: $10 USD/ $75 TTD
Per course: $100 USD / $750 TTD
Free – no signup requiredPer class: $10 USD/ $75 TTD
Per course: $100 USD / $750 TTD
1:00 – 2:00 PMStudents scoring above 1270Per class: $10 USD/ $75 TTD
Per course: $100 USD / $750 TTD
Free – no signup required