About the Classes

How to register for classes:

  1. Decide whether you are taking prep classes scheduled for the October exam or the December exam.
  2. Determine whether you should be in Basic or Intermediate prep.
  3. Visit the appropriate schedule (links in bullet point 1) and add classes to your shopping cart.
  4. If you struggle to self-study, or you want to improve your score even more, add on some supplemental classes.
  5. Proceed to checkout to complete registration. This does not require upfront payment.
  6. You will be contacted via email/ phone to confirm.
  7. Register separately for the SAT exam.

Other Information:

Classes will be virtual with a maximum of ten students per class although I will try to keep this number below five where possible. Please email paige@ivyedgeglobal.com for more details or contact Paige at 686-4262.

Students will be taught all SAT concepts and strategies and provided with classwork and homework material.

Students can improve their scores by adding supplemental classes to the core class schedule.

In-person classes will resume depending on COVID-19 progress.