Rising Form 5 Students

I doubt many of you are on this website.  It makes sense; you don’t need to take the exam this year.  Wait – you’re out of here? Not so fast. American students in your grade are all taking the PSATs this year to see how ready they are for the SATs next year.  And while I might never be able to convince you to do that, there is no harm in starting a little early, easy prep. The most difficult section in which to improve is the Reading portion of the Reading and Writing. After all, how can you teach yourself to read faster? Or better?  The good news is, when you take my class, you’ll learn the answer to that. For now, just start reading more.  Every day. 
For the rest of you: 

Note: These timelines do not include IvyEdge recommended deadlines e.g. when to follow up with your recommenders, when to start writing your essay, etc.  For those, please sign up for an admissions consulting package or reach out to me for more information at paige@ivyedgeglobal.com. Remember the first consult is always free!