Here’s what you need to know about the SATs and ACTs

The SAT is scored out of 1600: 800 Math, 800 Reading and Writing.  This portion lasts 3 hours. There is an optional essay that is 50 minutes long and has no effect on your score out of 1600.  Taking this essay depends on the requirements of your colleges.

Nearly every student will take the SAT two or three times, in search of a better score.
SAT Test dates and registration details.

Please note: there are additional test dates available to students taking the exam in the US.

The ACT is scored out of 36: 36 Math, 36 English, 36 Writing, 36 Science all for a composite score out of 36.  There is also an essay that is scored separately.
ACT Test dates and registration details.

Students often wonder whether they should take the ACT or SAT.  As with any good life decision, IT DEPENDS! Coming soon: a comprehensive guide  to the differences between the two exams and how international students can perform better in one compared to the other.  Feel free to reach out to Paige at 686-4262 to discuss further.

As a quick overview, the ACT Math covers more material, but asks more straightforward questions. In ACT Math, you are also allowed to use a calculator throughout whereas the SAT has a non-calculator portion.

The ACT English has more questions and gives students less time per question than the SATs, but it is more of a reading comprehension exam.  The SAT English, on the other hand, includes an analytic and evidence-based component that may take students longer to answer.

The ACT Science does not require a huge science background, but familiarity with basic terms is a big bonus in moving quickly through this section.