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After beginning the application process, I realized the admissions consulting provided by Ivy Edge global was necessary to give myself the best opportunity to be accepted into my first choice colleges. I am extremely appreciative of the expert advice and guidance provided by Paige in writing college essays and crafting solid applications and would recommend Ivy Edge global to any person beginning the college application process.

Aidan (Dartmouth College Class of 2024)
IvyEdge Virtual SAT and consulting student

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Hi Paige… I’ve been wanting to send a note thanking you for guiding Marcus through the application process.  I know he’s been in touch but I wanted to express my appreciation.  He is close to accepting a spot at Penn State University and I’m pleased with the program and thrilled at the location.  This process is a maze and your guidance was invaluable.  An early key message that I heard from you was the importance of school selection and matching it with ability.  I think Marcus’s choices were wise and realistic and it gave him a good shot.  Given that he’s so anxious to go off this year, I’m grateful that he didn’t waste a lot of time on unrealistic applications.  Again, your direction was critial. All the very best to you in your endeavours – you have a winning formula and a great product!

Belinda (Parent of Class of 2023)
IvyEdge SAT and consulting client

Paige restored my confidence at a time when I was so despondent having gone through my first SAT attempt without her expert guidance. Through her knowledge and her precise techniques and skills, I was not only able to improve my score but to find a new perspective on the entire American university preparation journey.

I was then able to persevere throughout the rest of the application process where Paige always gave constant feedback and helpful tips. After this, I can safely say that every lesson and consult was definitely worth it! I was offered many opportunities including financial aid packages which included a combination of scholarships, small loans and work study.

Isabella, April 2018 (Vassar Class of 2022)

Paige’s unwavering dedication to her students is second to none. She pushes every student to maximum potential and though this entire course of work may be daunting to some, she sheds light on the simplicity of its mechanics. Paige has not only been “a lessons teacher”; she has far surpassed these standards (to the extent where she sets up virtual classes when she may not be physically available) and soon one realizes that she is “THE lessons teacher”. Throughout her programme, I was able to better my initial score by more than 100 points and I could not have been happier with the results. Worth every penny!

Jamali, December 2017, (FIU Class of 2022, NYU Class of ’22 admit)  Fiu Logos

Paige’s SAT lessons covered the curriculum, exam pace, and ticklish question variations and it did so extraordinarily well (as denoted by other testimonials); however, I do not think that testimonial alone does any justice. Paige did not just teach. She educated. Her annoyingly meticulous punctuality, prodigious zeal, and exceptional efficiency produced more than just a teacher – it produced a role model. Consistently leading by example and pushing every student toward the potential she knew was there, my classmates and I left every class with a whole lot more than heart of algebra and effective syntax. Now a month after my exam, grinning at my 1430, I can say with an unwavering yes that these lessons were worth every penny!

Joseph, November 2017 (Vanderbilt Class of 2022)

Paige has been an amazing mentor in this stressful college process, especially in preparing me for the SAT exam. She really helps in making the adjustment to this whole new course of work easier by providing all of the right materials and answering any questions I may have. The SATs required a whole new approach to how I think and it was a little discouraging at first but with Paige’s motivation and explanations to each and every question that may come in the test, I went from an 1120 in my first practice test to a 1380 in my eighth practice test. These lessons were super helpful!

Emma, October 2017 (University of Virginia Class of 2022)

Paige’s class is interactive and thorough . She gets through all the topics and works hard to make sure all her students are prepared for the exam. I might not have been able to do it without her. Thanks Paige!

First practice test score: 1000
Highest practice test score: 1420
Official test score: 1330

Anonymous, October 2017

Paige’s classes set the foundation for success in my SAT exam. The classroom was productive yet relaxed, and her explanations were clear and understandable, making them easy to remember. I found that she was dedicated to my studies by personally catering to my needs or problem areas. Whenever I just could not grasp a certain concept, she did not hesitate to help. Always ready to assist, she would send me any extra practice materials I needed and as soon as I ran into a problem, Paige was able to explain it to me immediately using a virtual interface (even when she and I were in different countries).

The idea of the virtual element was daunting at first, especially when used to teach a whole class, but this was easily overcome by Paige’s engaging teaching style. Her extra one-on-one sessions via Internet became invaluable, since they immediately and effectively cleared up my confusion (e.g. how to solve a Section 4 math question or how to prepare for an interview). Her online classes provided the welcome benefits of convenience and extra help.
Overall, I could not ask for more from a teacher than what Paige gave to me as her student.

Update: I got 1210 in my first practice test, 1410 in my first official test after Paige’s lessons last year, and 1510 this August with Paige’s virtual lessons and additional self-studying!

Laurelle, November 2017 (Columbia Class of 2022)

Paige’s extensive knowledge of not just the SAT curriculum but of the entire college process has definitely been invaluable. She works with students on a personal level, which makes the class a comfortable learning environment and facilitates a valuable teacher-student relationship. When I first did the SATs I got a 1310 and through Paige’s guidance and coaching I was able to attain a 1480 on my second try. Definitely recommend these classes.

Anonymous, July 2016

Satisfied Student

In June 2011, Paige came to SJC to offer her services, and a month later, during mid-summer vacation, we began our SAT prep. Paige’s classes were always exciting and fun, and although I complained bitterly about doing the Math work, she encouraged us to try our best, and with her help, I got 1900 on my SATs, a big jump from my first practice test in the 1500s. Not only does she help with the SATs, but she gave advice for our applications, and after getting accepted to all of the universities I applied to, and meeting with the admissions counselors, they expressed how well done my application was, and she is to thank for that! Paige was such a great teacher, that I in fact MISS her classes, and don’t regret giving up afternoons over my vacation to learn. I have no doubt that all of Paige’s students to come will succeed.

Caroline Moses, Quinnipiac University

Literally Life-changing

I’ll never forget that fateful day in June when Paige Gillette, past pupil extraordinaire, came into school to talk to interested SJC students about her lessons and the ‘merit program’ that she planned to begin in July. Prior to her visit, I had never thought seriously about taking the SATs but after that first meeting, everything changed. I did a small test that she administered, was one of three people who qualified for the program and I was able to begin lessons free of charge. Paige genuinely wants all of her students to excel, regardless of financial status. I know for a fact that everyone who attended her classes was able to learn tremendous amounts in what turned out to be a relatively short space of time. Additionally, we not only had academic lessons but life lessons as well. In the end, I was able to get a score of 2100 on the test: 670 in Math, 700 in CR & 730 in Writing. Paige is truly a gifted individual and her passion for imparting knowledge just serves to make her classes that much more amazing. Paige: you’ll remain in my memory forever….. Thank you for everything!!

Ruisa Hinds, Vanderbilt

Immensely Satisfied Student

I was with Paige for only 5 weeks and in that time I went from a 1510 in my first practice test to a 1940 in my exam. I had not done math in 2 years and I was still able to get a 660 (my highest of the three scores) which for me is incredible. I can safely say that this success, and indeed anything i achieve henceforth, will be in great part because of Paige. She is an incredible teacher and a wonderful person. Thank you so much Paige!

Elliott Miles

(very) Satisfied Student

WOW! That’s all I can say about Paige’s lessons. If you are looking for a comprehensive, in depth and all-rounded SAT course, Paige is the person to go to! Not only did she cover every possible type of question that could come on the test but she also gave us helpful hints and tips that definitely gave us the edge. I would strongly recommend these classes – definitely great value for money. With her help, I was able to achieve a score of 2130: 660 W, 700 CR and 770 M!

Abigail Jones, Princeton University

Actually going to miss lessons

I sat the SATS yesterday and I am one hundred percent confident that I made the right decision in attending Paige’s lessons. Paige is so wonderful, always going out of her way to help her students. She taught us the work, went over it as many times as we needed and also gave us advice about our futures. There was never a class that I didn’t enjoy. The environment was relaxed but at the same time very productive. Paige’s teaching methods were excellent and she ensured that we all got as much practice as we could before the exam. Without Paige I couldn’t have been as prepared as I was. She really is an amazing person, teacher and role model. She was always so willing to give advice and share with us her own experiences. I’m definitely going to miss both lessons and Paige… it sounds nerdy/corny but anyone who has been to her lessons will understand. She is definitely one of a kind.

As a footnote to my first review: I got 2170 on the SATS.. 780 in writing, 690 in CR, and 700 in math… I don’t do math and I couldn’t have gotten anywhere near 700 without Paige’s help 🙂 definitely an amazing teacher..


Grateful customer

One of the many virtues that give Paige an advantage in tutoring is her limitless patience, which is coupled with her undying devotion to the success of each and every one of her students. I would have to say I wasn’t the easiest student to work with and most teachers would have given up on trying to teach me or make me learn. Paige however, was persistent. She managed to motivate me and get me the scores I needed to get into Johns Hopkins University. Thanks Paige!!

Jake, Johns Hopkins University

College prep as valuable as gold

Who would ever think that it would be possible to find brains, beauty, kindness, generosity, patience, talent, wisdom and downright outstanding qualities from one human being? Well I had the honour of experiencing this from the one and only Paige Gillette. Not only were her classes filled with a new learning experience daily but it was one in which I was able to enjoy learning. She did not only teach us the bare minimum curriculum but she always went the extra mile to ensure that we understood fully and embraced all that she taught. Often she went out of her way and gave of her precious time to offer advice and share her vast range of wisdom and experience which I will always hold dear to me and be forever in her debt. She has helped me to improve my SAT scores greatly and assisted in college preparations, and also has been an amazing role model and exemplary human being and friend to me. I would recommend her to anyone! Thanks Paige

Caleah, Howard University

College Prep at its BEST

Working with Paige was invaluable to my success on the SATs. She was a pleasure to work with and equipped me with the necessary tools to achieve the marks I desired. I am now beginning my freshman year at the College of William and Mary. Thank you so much Paige!

Henry Longley, College of William and Mary

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