SAT Tutoring

This year, Paige Gillette at IvyEdge Global is partnering with Keifer Archer at Elevat-ED to offer the following:

  1. Self-paced learning, containing IvyEdge videos, class content, homework, and practice tests
  2. In-person tutoring with Elevat-ED
  3. Live virtual sessions with Paige at IvyEdge Global

For best results, we recommend that you sign up for all three options above.

When should you take the SAT exam?

If you are applying to colleges this year, I recommend taking the August and October exams or the October and December exams.

A few things to consider as you make this decision,

  1. To meet the November 1st Early Decision/ Early Action deadlines, the last exam score you can submit is the October exam.
  2. If you already have top grades and are aiming for top 100 schools, your SAT score is actually less important than your resume and essays.
  3. Schools that still require SATs include Florida state schools, Georgia state schools and MIT (among others).
  4. If the student is burnt out from this past semester, then do not stress about the August exam.

When should you begin studying?

I recommend beginning study at least 10 weeks before the October exam. For students taking the August and October exams, begin studying the week of July 4th. For students taking the October and December exams, you can begin study at the end of July. You can find free practice tests and questions at

What are the prices for the IvyEdge Global and Elevat-ED offerings?

Self-paced IvyEdge Global content:

In-person Elevat-ED instruction:

  • 2 hrs per week: $150
  • 4 hrs per week: $300
  • 6 hrs per week: $450

Live virtual sessions with Paige:

  • Math (6 sessions, 4 hours): $200 USD
  • Reading and Writing (6 sessions, 4 hours): $200 USD

One-on-one online tutoring with Paige:

  • $200 USD per hour.

To register for any of the above options, please visit or What’s App Paige at 1(868)686-4262 or Keifer at 1(868)744-2706 to get started.

What is involved in the self-paced learning?

  • Videos, classwork, homework, and practice tests

Why are we doing this?

Paige has spent over fourteen years building her knowledge and database of SAT questions, tips and tricks. However, she wants to focus on the admissions consulting side of her business. Keifer has developed a thriving tutoring business that focuses on customized instruction, but he does not specialize in the SATs. Together, we think we have combined our strengths to create something truly special. We hope you agree.

What will happen in 2023?

The SAT exam will be switching to a digital, streamlined, adaptive format beginning in 2023. We think that our online content is the best way to stay on top of those changes. New courses will be offered throughout the year.

Note: These IvyEdge modules will only be available for 13 weeks from July 4th – October 1st 2022. New content will be released for the December exam.

Want to know what level you are performing at ?

  1. Take the full four hour Official Practice Test 10. For accuracy it is important to do this test within the time limit.
  2. Take my ten question SAT Math Placement Exam and Reading and Writing Placement Exam.
See some student testimonials on our SAT and Physics classes in the video below: