Mentor Network

IvyEdge Global has teamed up with Trinidad alumni from top global universities to create the IvyEdge Mentor Program – a free initiative to help secondary school students achieve success through admissions and beyond.  Spanning ten years of collective wisdom, these mentors have a wide array of skill sets and experience to help you achieve your full potential.

Interested in becoming a mentor?

These are the IvyEdge Mentors.

Mentor  Number 1

Institution: Oxford University, 2005
Degree: B.A. Jurisprudence (LLB)
Career: Ex-investment banker, stay at home mum
Motivation: I love young people!
Topics of Passion: University and career advice, particularly for Oxford applicants
Words of Wisdom: No pithy sayings come to mind, but I do have advice to impart, honest!

Mentor Number 2

Institution: University of Notre Dame, 2021
Expected Degree: B.S.E. Electrical Engineering
Motivation: I knew how hard it was for me during this application process, so I’d love to be as much help to the students as possible!
Topic of Passion
:  Helping to choose the best fit university
Words of Wisdom: Don’t be let down if you didn’t get accepted to your top choice school. Everything happens for a reason, and you’d be more valuable elsewhere -in a place that is the perfect fit for you!


Mentor Number 3

Institution: University of Pennsylvania, 2013
Degree: B.S.E. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Career: Senior Consultant
: Helping out Trinis who need it
Topics of Passion
: Applications and career guidance, particularly for UPenn applicants; swimming or water polo teams in Trinidad/ college
Words of Wisdom
: Stay open to different career paths and new opportunities

Mentor Number 4

School: Yale University, 2010; Yale School of Management, 2015
Degree: B.S.C. in Chemical Engineering; MBA
Career: Product Management at a fintech startup; previously an energy consultant and mergers and acquisition analyst
Motivation: Trinidad provided me with a lot of opportunities but both the application process and the adjustment were still difficult. I’m grateful for all of the people who guided me when I was at home and, through their experiences and issues, managed to make my path easier. I want to pay it forward in that respect, and hopefully use my experiences and difficulties to help the next wave of students.
Topics of Passion: Undergraduate application process & essays, particularly for Yale applicants; adjustment to the US culture and lifestyle (specifically those in the Northeast with winter!); navigating job searches and selections that are much broader (but also much more nebulous) than those in Trinidad
Words of Wisdom: This too shall pass! and then you will have a wonderful time.

Mentor Number 5

School: Vanderbilt University 2016
Degree: B.E. In Civil Engineering
Career: Engineering intern, with a main focus on designing work on wastewater treatment systems for single-family homes and commercial properties
Topics of Passion: Ask me anything. I probably don’t have 90% of the answers, but we can figure it out together
Words of Wisdom: Never be afraid or too proud to ask for help/advice, from professors and classmates. You are all in this together!

Mentor Number 6

School: Princeton University 2012; Imperial College of London 2015
Degree: B.A. in Chemistry; M.S.C. in Petroleum Engineering
Career: Project management, transitioning to petroleum engineer
Motivation: Opportunity to provide support and advice to students
Topics of Passion: Student life; academics; career advice
Words of Wisdom: It’s ok to be unsure about what career you want to pursue, but always have a plan for how you want to improve yourself.


Mentor Number 7

School: University of Pennsylvania 2017
Degree: B.S.E. in Systems Science and Engineering
Career: Family business
Topics of Passion: Student Life, particularly at UPenn