Mr. Garcia – Physics

Mr. Garcia

Mr. Garcia has always been extremely fond of Physics; as a young boy, he was constantly curious about the way the world works.  That he chose to devote his life to the field came as no surprise to any who knew him.  Mr. Garcia was also one of my best teachers; he taught me the two-year syllabus in one-year and was also responsible for my Merit list status.  He gets truly excited about the concepts that he teaches and his students are swept up in his enthusiasm.

Relevant Credentials

  • Former head of the Physics department: Fatima College
  • Over 40 years of teaching at Fatima
  • CAPE examiner: Responsible for setting and marking exams
  • Numerous students on CXC’s Merit List
  • MIT-course experience
  • B.S.E. Double Major in Mathematics and Physics