• subjectWho will be teaching the classes?
    Paige Gillette is the SAT Math teacher and Paige and Stephanie Greenberg share the SAT English. They are both Princeton graduates with more than ten years of experience in the field, 99th percentile SAT scores, and a dedication to preparing students for college and life. Read more in Tutor Profiles or Testimonials. We are currently recruiting skilled teachers to teach the SAT Subject Tests and other curriculum.
  • subjectWait, this is a real classroom but sometimes a virtual teacher? How will that work?
    Part of this class may be taught via live video conference. Students will all be in one classroom. All classroom materials are physical handouts. There will be a moderator present during every class to distribute materials, keep order, and take over if the technology fails for any reason.
  • subjectWhat if virtual does not work for me?

    We believe that the quality of our teaching and the preservation of a classroom setting makes this a superior product despite the virtual element. However, there are several options if the student does not like the class:

    1. We will issue a full refund if you drop the program by the second session.
    2. If virtual fails, I will provide one-on-one tutoring sessions as a supplement to the course, free of charge.
    3. If enough students dislike the virtual format, I will commit to teaching the entire program in person.
  • subjectEven if the virtual thing works, why are you doing it?
    There are many subjects with insufficient local teachers: SAT Subject Tests, ACTs, PSATs and more. If this method is successful, we can globally recruit the best teachers possible. Additionally, we want to create a Caribbean community of mentors, with past students helping current students to navigate college and beyond. If virtual connections become more accepted, students can seek advice from peers who have had similar experiences, without geography being a limiting factor.
  • subjectWhat do I need to bring to the class?
    Pens/ pencils, a calculator and a notebook. I provide all the SAT material, including the Official SAT Guide from CollegeBoard, 8 official practice tests, and useful drills from the numerous SAT books I have reviewed. I will also include a list of optional material to purchase, but most students do not find this necessary.
  • subjectHow large are the classes?
    The largest classes I teach are fifteen people. I typically prefer to keep the class at a size of ten since I find that this creates the optimal learning environment.
  • subjectDo I need to sign up for the exam separately?
    Yes. I will warn students about upcoming deadlines and provide information on where, when and how to sign up.  Typically registration closes a month before the exam.
  • subjectDo you teach one-on-one?
    Yes. Email me at paige@ivyedgeglobal.com and we can discuss.
  • subjectWhy are your prices in USD?
     Since I attend conferences abroad and I am recruiting teachers who live in the US, this makes it easier for me to pay them directly without converting.  I accept credit card to make USD payments easier.  I also accept TTD if necessary but at a higher conversion rate.