Physical Classrooms – Enjoy a Traditional Classroom Setting

PROBLEM: Despite demand in Trinidad and Tobago for SAT tutoring, few have turned to online resources. Who can guarantee quality or consistency online? And  how can we blame students for becoming distracted during a one-on-one online session?

OUR SOLUTION: IvyEdge is committed to preserving the traditional classroom setting. Students will sit in a real class, interact virtually with a live teacher, and receive physical copies of the teaching material. There will always be an administrator in the room. Currently, Port of Spain classes are taught in person, with one week taught virtually to test the concept. La Romaine classes will be virtual.

Specialized Focus – Benefit from Caribbean Tutors

PROBLEM: No matter how good a tutor is, how can he/ she begin to understand the particular strengths and disadvantages facing Caribbean students in the U.S. admissions process?

OUR SOLUTION: We recruit people who have already followed the path you are now beginning – Caribbean-born, but trying to achieve academic and professional success away from home. In the event that we hire American consultants, they will be fully educated on your unique challenges. This is a Caribbean tutoring service for Caribbean people.

Strong Alumni Network – Find Inspirational Mentors

PROBLEM: Often, students in Trinidad and Tobago pass the test, make it through admissions, yet fail at some level when they finally get to college. Students may be unfamiliar with the methods of teaching, uncomfortable with the social norms, or unready to shoulder the financial burden.

OUR SOLUTION: We emphasize college readiness.  Paige has taught over 250 students in the past ten years and her hope is to build a meaningful way for those students to connect. Become part of a global network that helps you find mentors and support throughout college. And, when you have made it, we hope that you, in turn, will give back to future students.