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Comparing Tuition Costs in Fifteen Different Countries

Posted by 5.12.21

All the Webinars in the World

Posted by 10.1.20

IF YOU DON’T WANT TO READ EVERYTHING, SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM. THERE’S A LOT OF USEFUL INFORMATION. I SWEAR. (Formatting to follow.) Anyway, here goes… Hey everyone, I feel like I blinked, three months passed, and early applications are due. Anyone else? So, what’s new in the world of college admissions consulting? Everything is online. […]

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Should you be doing the SAT/ ACT this year?

Posted by 4.23.20

Decision-Making for US College Applications: A COVID-19 post This is the first mini-article in a series of minis focused on how COVID-19 may affect the decisions parents/ guardians and students have to make when applying to US colleges. Decision 1: Should you be doing the SAT/ ACT this year? Reasons to take the SAT/ ACT: […]

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Spring and Summer Learning Options for Students on Lockdown: A COVID-19 post

Posted by 4.3.20

Everyone’s circumstances are different.  So if you are just in survival mode – physically, mentally, or emotionally – you should not feel like there is pressure from me or anyone else to do more.  This post (and future posts about how to spend lockdown) is for students who might have extra time on their hands, […]

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The initial impact of Covid-19 on US admissions for internationals

Posted by 3.27.20

I wrote the following email on March 26th and it was so well-received that I decided to post it on the website: Has Covid-19 affected admissions and will it continue to do so? In a nutshell, yes.  Covid-19 has already affected admissions this year and I hesitate to make firm predictions regarding next year’s intake. That […]

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Sprinting Down the Athletic Route: Part 1 Understanding Requirements

Posted by 1.28.19

This year, I was fortunate enough to work with two dedicated, national track and field athletes, so please excuse the “sprinting” pun in the title. Also, I apologize for the lack of articles. The SAT and consulting season in 2018 was more hectic than I expected – I thought I would have time to write […]

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Seven Ways US College Admissions Differs for International Students

Posted by 6.27.18

Being an international student can make an already difficult process even more daunting. This article was based on unexpected sources of stress that cropped up for my former students during their application processes.  It was supported by further research into top US universities and their specific international procedures. First of all, who qualifies as an […]

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