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When contacting admissions officers, what factors should you consider?

Posted by 8.19.18

As usual, as the August to February admissions frenzy rolls back around, I find myself reading more and more college admissions blogs, thinking about what might be most valuable for my students.  Recently, I found myself on a USC blog post called “making the college admissions process about you”.  And I was struck, not by […]

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Seven Ways US College Admissions Differs for International Students

Posted by 6.27.18

Being an international student can make an already difficult process even more daunting. This article was based on unexpected sources of stress that cropped up for my former students during their application processes.  It was supported by further research into top US universities and their specific international procedures. First of all, who qualifies as an […]

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Spend Your Summer Meaningfully

Posted by 6.25.18

Note: Scroll down to the numbered items if you want to just get to the ways in which you can spend your summer. I was thirteen years old and the end of Form 2 (Grade 7) was quicklyapproaching. My seventeen-year-old sister came home bursting with excitement.  She and her friends were going to start a […]

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If you can’t afford a US education, this article is for you.

Posted by 4.22.18

Backstory My name is Joseph. I am a 19 year old, male, Trinidadian who, like many of you reading this, could not afford a US education. The day before I entered Lower 6 at Fatima, College I knew that I wanted to study away; because of this, I worked relentlessly for my two years in […]

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