Where we are headed

College readiness. College readiness.  College. Readiness.  We cannot begin to stress this enough.  Often, students in Trinidad and Tobago pass the test, make it through admissions, yet fail at some level when they finally get to college.  Our ambition is to reimagine the entire transition process for Caribbean students who decide to study abroad.  We want to create full learning centers that offer lessons, mentorship, and study resources for these students through their college careers.

We will begin by training students in US admissions tests, such as the SAT and SAT II Subject Tests.  From there, we will split our focus into finding lessons teachers in the full range of subjects taught in Form 1 – Upper 6, while building out our network of mentors and peers who can help students to navigate college, and eventually the professional world. Instead of preparing you for a test, we hope to equip you for success long after the test has been completed.